P.R.A. Revolutionary Relief®

The P.R.A. Personal Relief Assistant device is a patented breakthrough massage technology. MicroVibration Therapy, as supplied by the P.R.A. device, appears to stimulate the cells and tissues to rapidly and dramatically improve circulation, thereby relieving muscle tension and discomfort from affected areas.

Breakthrough Technology to Improve Muscle Relaxation

Helps Relieve Discomfort and Pain

Improves Energy and Sense of Well Being

LED Light Source-Safe to the Eyes

MicroVibration energy enters the body and is absorbed by the cells. The energy strikes the damaged tissue including skin, blood, muscle, and bone creating cellular response, reducing discomfort and jump-starts the recovery process.

Each PRA device offers synergistic triple action for focused therapy in specific areas and provides remarkably rapid relief. PRA kit includes: PRA device, quick start cards and AAA batteries.

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Portable targeted MicroVibration Relief

• Powerful vibration, compact, sleek handheld metal design

• Simple single-end push buttonoperation

• Lightweight, easy to use

• Uses 3 AAA batteries (included)

Patented* Break through Technology for Relief Invented by a Medical doctor.

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The P.R.A.TM is YOUR Personal Relief AssistantTM Provides Revolutionary Relief®

The P.R.A.TM device is one of the most exciting technological developments to help people relieve stress, aches, and pain.

While most massage devices are based on macro-vibration, the heavy thumping quality that produces its beneficial effects, the PRA device is unique in providing rapid , effective relief using MicroVibration.

The PRA supplies synergistic resonant acoustic sound, LED light, and high frequency MicroVibration to produce remarkable physiologic responses. This unique combination of technologies is the secret to the PRA miracle.

Test drive the PRA, experience the rapid relief, and let PRA become YOUR Personal Relief Assistant!

*U.S. Patented  ©2011 by MicroVibration Therapy  ©2011 Robert D. Milne

1. What does the PRA device do?

The PRA device is a patented breakthrough technology that combines light,sound and MicroVibration that induces the cells to increase energy and communication to rapidly rleive discomfort and pain.

2. How can the PRA device help me?

The PRA can improve muscle relaxation, and improve energy and sense of well being; It can temporarily help relieve discomfort, aches, and pains without drugs.

3. How often can I use the device?

The PRA can be used and repeated as often as needed to decrease the discomfort to a manageable level. Generally, most people use the PRA device 2-6 times daily.

As pain decreases and the cell energy improves, the need for treatment will also decrease.

4. How is the PRA device best used?

Generally, the PRA is placed directly on the area of discomfort and held there, without moving it, for 1-3 minutes. The PRA is then moved to the next area.

More about using the PRA may be found in the users’ manual.

5. What does it mean if my pain increases?

There are two general possibilities. First, if the area of discomfort being treated had a previous fracture or serious injury, the cells are still healing. The user may need to temporarily stop the treatment and allow the discomfort to diminish.

Then repeat the application. Stop and repeat several more times. The discomfort should decrease and in many cases not return. The other scenario occurs when the patient may have yet to be diagnosed impingement of a nerve. The PRA device may increase the discomfort, but it does not decrease quickly upon stopping application. In this case the patient should be referred to their medical practitioner for evaluation.

6. How is the PRA different from TENS and Ultasound therapies?

The PRA does not rely on electrical impulses or microcurrent impulses to stimulate relief. Also, Ultrasound uses high frequency, high power sound to elicit relief. The PRA uses low level light, sound, and vibration, hence MicroVibration.

7. Are there any known adverse side-effects from using the PRA?

Very few side-effects have been noted. A few patients will note temporary nausea, dizziness, and sense of vibration.

8. How often do I need to change the batteries?

If one uses the PRA often, you may see a change in the intensity of the blue light, indicating the need to change batteries. CAUTION:

Any individual who is or may become pregnant or if you have a serious illness, a chronic or life-threatening medical illness such as heart disease, a pacemaker, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, phlebitis, thrombosis or infection, or is at increased risk of developing blood clots due to recent surgery or prolonged bed rest you should not use the PRA without consulting with your personal physician before using any massaging device designed for home use.