Q & A's with Dr. Milne

 Cutting Edge New Energy Medicine Tools For Relief and Management of Chronic Pain Conditions 

In our effort to discover the newest, cutting edge pain relieving technologies, we decided to go back and revisit Dr. Robert Milne, of Las Vegas, Nevada an inventor and expert on integrative medicine.


Q.    Dr. Milne, we understand that you have great interest in some new cutting edge technologies that help people relieve their back pain?

  1. Thank you for your interest in bringing new pain relieving technologies to your readers. There are 4 new technologies that people suffering from chronic pain should consider trying.

Q.  What is the first technology you would like to discuss with us?

A.  The first cutting edge pain relieving technology is the new Transcranial Magnetic   Stimulation (TMS). TMS therapy uses pulsed magnetic therapy directed at the brain to help relieve migraines and depression. Short pulses of magnetic fields, directed from outside the brain for about 37 minutes, appear to stimulate nerve cells in the areas of the brain that control mood and pain.

 Q. We heard about frequency specific micro-current.

A. Frequency Specific Micro-current incorporates specific frequencies of electronic current to directly target individual tissues and cellular disturbance with streams of electrons to repair and enhance bio-electrical activity and normalize cellular function. Pain is relieved when the cells normalize their voltage. This technology is similar to TENS therapy.

 Q. Is it true that the Russians have brought new electronic therapies to the US?

A. Yes, over the past 10 years, the Russians have brought in some very interesting technologies. One of the most important technologies is called Scenar technology. This technology uses biofeedback from the organs to the skin and inputs electrical signals.

 Q.  So, Dr. Milne, we understand that you invented the MVTRelief device that rapidly relieves pain. Can you review the technology for us?

A.  As we discussed before, we have been working for over 5 years now on a new electronic technology we call MVTRelief.™  MVT stands for MicroVibration Therapy.  We combined and micro-vibration technologies of light, sound, micro-vibration and magnetic frequencies which, when synergistically tuned, appear to help recharge damaged cells so they can communicate better with their healthy neighbor cells. When the sick cells are “recharged” the need for a pain signal is eliminated. It does not mask pain signals like TENS units or drugs. For many people who suffer from back pain, rapid relief is achieved with a 5-30 minute self-treatment session. This pain relief technology is inductive. Unlike the other technologies, it is the synergistic application of the four technologies; the pain relief is achieved by increasing cellular energy communication.

We have found that, in the short-term, using MVTRelief™ rapidly relieves discomfort and pain.  Over time, the MVTRelief™ may eliminate discomfort completely, as it has for many of my patients.” Rapid pain relief technology without side-effects is truly revolutionary.

 Q.  Well, how can we get more information on this exciting new technology?

A.  The MVT is now being marketed as a non-invasive personal massage device and we are making it available to all in need of relief. We are now offering the patented Micro-Vibration Therapy (MVTRelief™) to the general public.

To learn more about MVT Relief you can visit our website www.mvtrelief.com

 Q.  Thank you, Dr. Milne for bringing this interesting new pain device to our attention.

A.  Thank you for your continued interest in the MVTRelief.